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Software and Internet Solutions

With a solution for every need, APT offers a wide variety of web and PC based processing options. From easy to use Windows® programs to state of the art asp solutions developed specifically for school and government institutions, we have a web based answer for your processing needs.

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ePayTrak is a complete shopping cart/account management solution for schools that lets parents create their own payment accounts. Creating payment programs for everything from tuition to food service to athletic fees is now easier than ever.

Transaction Central

Transaction Central is an online payment service provided by APT. You can establish recurring billing, even manual recurring when the amounts are not the same. Automatically settles batches. All you need is an online connection and there is no software to install. It is easy to use and there is an excellent tutorial on-line to help you get started. A software option is PC Verifier, software and a card reader that will allow you to swipe cards and get the best rate possible.

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eClassTrak takes the ePayTrak idea one step further and allows complete online registration for all kinds of classes and events.

PC Charge Pro

PC Charge Pro is the tried and tested solution for taking credit cards from your Windows® based computer.


SkipJack® gives you a secure e-commerce gateway that can either be used to link with an off-the-shelf shopping cart or custom integrated into your business' existing online program. It even gives you the latest in virtual terminal capabilities!

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